Vital Step 3 to Protect Your Business in Uncertain Times

This is a stressful, scary time for everyone, and particularly business owners. Now is the perfect time to secure your business assets, protect both business and personal assets, and prepare your business for the future, whatever that might hold!

Four steps are vital to obtaining this level of security. In previous emails, I explained Step 1: Form an Entity and Step 2: Execute an Operating Agreement. Step 3 is explained below. Watch your email next week for Step 4.

Step 3: Secure Your Brands

Your business’s identity is one of its most valuable assets. You invest a lot in developing the name, logos, taglines, and other brands that represent your company and your products to the world. However, most businesses fail to adequately protect their brands and encounter a range of problems as a result.

To protect your brands and the company’s assets:

  • Vet your brands before you use them
  • Register your brands as trademarks
  • Use your trademarks correctly
  • Monitor for infringements of your trademarks
  • Don’t allow any unlicensed uses of your trademarks

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