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Strategic legal counsel
focused on your long-term goals

We make sure you control your business, so your business doesn't control you.

Business Strategy

As an integrated member of your support team, we address your legal needs in the context of your business as a whole and your long-term goals. This forward-looking approach means you’ll be able to predict, prioritize, and plan; prevent problems rather than respond to them; increase efficiencies; and decrease stress.

We provide
  • Business diagnostic in context of long-term goals
  • Prioritized roadmap for strategically addressing legal needs over time
  • Risk mitigation
  • Recurring review of business plans and goals as they evolve
  • Regular strategy meetings to align legal needs, assess budget, and set priorities
  • Review and maintain internal practices, policies, and procedures
  • Coordinate and manage outsourced legal work

Asset & Brand Protection

We can manage your entire portfolio, from your first creative spark to the launch and release of your products and content. We assess the risk and value of brands before you invest in them, secure registrations and licenses, create policies around use, and enforce your rights.

  • Portfolio management
  • Risk analysis and brand assessment
  • Federal and international registration
  • Risk mitigation
  • Licenses and assignments
  • Policing against infringement
  • Due diligence for portfolio valuations and acquisitions
  • Dispute resolution
  • Licenses and assignments
  • Risk mitigation
  • Federal registrations
  • Negotiate disputes
Creative Product & Other IP
  • Right of publicity releases
  • Speaker agreements
  • Subject releases
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Negotiate disputes

Sustainable Growth

The decisions you make for your business must serve it well both today and into the future. We work with you to create structured growth plans with legal budget forecasting and provide ongoing support and guidance as your business evolves.

  • Includes all facets of Business Strategy
  • Develop legal plan that aligns with business goals
  • Tiered roadmapping for large-scale and/or long-term growth
  • Legal budgeting & forecasting
  • Establish review cycles with ongoing support
  • Coordinate and manage outsourced legal work and other necessary third-party services

Transactions & Operations

We help you define the relationships and agreements on which your company relies to ensure that your path to success is as smooth, efficient, and risk-free as possible.

For example
  • LLC formation
  • Company operating agreements
  • Customer agreements
  • Contracts with vendors, suppliers, and distributors
  • Master services agreements
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Employee contracts
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Terms of use/service
  • Policies & procedures

Are we the right firm for you?

Choosing the right law firm for your business takes more than finding attorneys to deliver a solution. The right law firm is one whose approach to meeting your legal needs aligns with your business goals, and whose priorities & values, personality, and processes fit with you and your business.

How it works


Schedule a meeting

We will schedule an introductory video meeting to discuss your goals and how we might help.


Get started

If we both agree that our firm is a good fit for your business, we’ll start the process of becoming part of your team!


What makes your firm different from other law firms?

We are not your average/traditional law firm! Here are some of the many reasons:

  1. We approach our work from the perspective of entrepreneurs and business owners. Between all of our team members, we’ve successfully launched or acquired, and operated, a total of 5 businesses in different industries. Honestly, we’ve learned some lessons the hard way, and we bring those experiences to our work with clients.
  2. We become be a strategic ally to our clients. We focus on more than the
    particular project in front of us, because our job is about more than doing legal work.
    Our job is to help you achieve your vision of success, and legal work is just one way we do that. As a strategic ally, we help you understand how the choices you make can affect different aspects of your business both today and in the future. We can do this most efficiently and effectively when we serve as your Fractional General Counsel on a subscription plan.
  3. We reject the idea that there’s no place for personal in the business world. If you
    love what you do, your professional life is deeply personal. If try to remove the personal from doing what you love, you will never feel completely fulfilled or happy.
    We embrace the personal in our work, and encourage our clients to make decisions with their hearts as well as their minds. We believe doing otherwise means we’re not being our authentic selves, and we operate at our best only when we’re being true to our selves.
  4. We incorporate our personal values, as well as professional values, into our work.
    Because being our authentic selves means we're bringing our best selves to our work with clients.
    For example, environmental conservation and sustainability are extremely important to us. Being an entirely cloud-based firm not only allows us to keep costs down for our clients, but it also greatly reduced our carbon footprint.
How will you help me stay in control of my business instead of the business controlling me?

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand how important predictability, effective planning, and efficient use of resources are to a business.

Most law firms have a hard time giving this to their clients because they focus on the project(s) immediately in front of them without considering the client’s long-term goals.

Instead, we address your immediate needs in the context of what you’re ultimately trying to achieve. We help you identify options and understand the pros and cons of each, including how each could affect different aspects of the business both now and down the road.

This approach helps you anticipate what might be coming in the future so that you can plan more effectively, make more efficient and effective use of your resources, and make decisions that are best for your business now only now, but down the road.

What do you mean when you say you’re a strategic partner to your clients?

Traditionally, law firms work with clients on an ad-hoc basis, as needs arise.

But that’s a short-sighted approach, because nothing in a business happens in a vacuum. The decisions you make for one aspect of your business today will naturally affect other parts of your business as well, both today and down the road.

That’s why successful businesses are built strategically, with a focus on predictability, effective planning, consistency, and efficient use of resources.

The strategic partner approach is:

  • Holistic – We address specific legal needs in the context of what they mean for your
    business as a whole.
  • Focused on long-term goals – Because achieving and maintaining a successful
    business is a long-term and ongoing process.
  • Proactive – We help you predict legal needs so you can plan for them and prevent problems rather than reacting to them.
How does being a strategic partner work?

We serve in the role of strategic partner in one of two ways, depending on your priorities at the time:

  • If you’re prioritizing the success of your business as a whole, we become your strategic
    partner when you retain us to serve as your Fractional General Counsel.
  • If your current focus is limited to brand (trademark) protection, we become your
    strategic partner when you retain us to serve as your Integrated Trademark Counsel.
What is Fractional General Counsel?

As your Fractional General Counsel, we are a one-stop shop for your legal needs.

We become your strategic partner, managing all of your legal needs with a forward-looking strategy to put you in control of your business and ensure your long-term and ongoing success. We will be an integrated part of your team and will be by your side watching out for your business in real time.

To boost the effectiveness and efficiency of our work, we can help you choose the subscription plan that best suits the current stage or needs of your business.

As your Fractional General Counsel on a subscription plan, we will work with you to prepare a roadmap assessing your legal needs over time and providing a long-term plan of action for addressing them, prioritized based on your goals, your budget, and ROI. The roadmap guides our work together and enables you to predict, prioritize, and plan; prevent problems rather than respond to them; increase efficiencies; and decrease stress.

What is Integrated Trademark Counsel?

As your Integrated Trademark Counsel, we are not only a one-stop shop for addressing all of your trademark needs, but, more importantly, we work with you to create and implement a trademark strategy based on your immediate and long-term goals.

That strategy will enable you to:

  • Maximize return on the investment of your resources
  • Effectively and efficiently protect your brands
  • Select brands capable of building value over time
  • Avoid wasting resources on brands you may be forced to abandon
  • Use your brands correctly to maximize their value
  • Police against infringements of your trademarks
What is a subscription plan?

When you work with us on a subscription plan, you enhance the value we bring as your strategic partner. As a result, you will have more predictability and consistency for your business, be able to plan and budget more effectively, and maximize the return on your investment in legal services.

Our subscription plans are designed to:

  • Provide you with greater predictability and increased efficiency
  • Give you more control over your legal bills
  • Make it easy for you to come to us with all of your questions and concerns without fear of receiving additional bills
  • Ensure that we stay informed about what’s going on in your business so we can best help you mitigate risks, make forward-looking decisions, plan and budget for your legal needs, and use your resources most efficiently and effectively.
  • Ensure a holistic and consistent approach to meeting your legal needs

We offer four levels of subscription plans and can work with you to determine which best fits your current needs and plans.

All subscription plans include:

  • Prioritization over non-subscription clients
  • Strategic Consultations
  • Unlimited emails with attorneys
  • Unlimited 15-minute discovery calls
What if I don’t want a strategic partner or a subscription plan?

We limit the amount work we do on an ad-hoc basis because we know that this approach usually is not in our clients’ best interests. Our clients have more control over their businesses, are empowered to make proactive decisions, and are less stressed when we serve as their strategic partner. However, we do provide purely ad-hoc services on a case- by-case basis.

If you do choose to have us act as your Fractional General Counsel or Integrated Trademark Counsel, being on a subscription plan increases our effectiveness and efficiency, and gives you greater predictability of legal fees. However, you can always choose not to use a subscription plan.

How do you charge? Will you charge me every time I ask a question?

As experienced entrepreneurs, we understand how important – and necessary – it is to be
able to predict, prioritize, and plan. We have structured our fees and processes to help you
do this, and we strive to be completely transparent about them.

For example:

  1. We offer Subscription Counsel services so that clients know they can get answers to
    their questions as issues arise without incurring additional fees, and to increase the
    effectiveness and efficiency of our work for you.
  2. We bill most matters (projects) on a flat-fee basis, so you’ll know the total cost of
    each up front.
  3. When it’s not possible for us to bill flat fees due to factors that are beyond our
    control (such as negotiating with a third party), we provide cost estimates for our
    hourly fees to help you plan and make decisions.
    4. We conduct business diagnostics that result in a prioritized roadmap to further your
    ability to predict, prioritize, plan, and budget.

Our job is to help business owners and their leadership teams achieve their vision of success. Achieving success is no easy task in a world where roughly 45% of businesses fail
within their first five years, and only 25% survive for fifteen years or more.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that building and maintaining a successful
business is a long-term and ongoing process. Forgetting that this journey is a marathon, not a sprint, or focusing on immediate needs without considering their implication for long-term goals, paves the way for getting off track, wasting resources, and increasing stress.

We also know that successful businesses are built strategically, with a focus on
predictability, effective planning, consistency, and efficient use of resources. The absence of any one of these introduces the opportunity for the business to take control of you instead of you controlling the business.

That’s why we focus on being an integrated, strategic partner to our clients rather than
working with them purely on an ad-hoc basis as needs arise, as most law firms do. Being
your strategic partner means

  • Your immediate needs are addressed in the context of what you’re ultimately trying
    to achieve.
  • You’ll be able to make better long-term decisions for your business because you’ll
    understand how the choices you make for one aspect of the business can affect others, not only today, but in the future.
  • You’ll have greater ability to predict, prioritize, and plan effectively.
  • Which will ensure that you remain in control of the business instead of the business
    controlling you.