Connecting the dots in legal matters large and small.

Here at the Law Offices of Gretchen McCord, we understand that successfully resolving a client’s legal issues involves much more than addressing legalities – it also includes consideration of that client’s unique goals, priorities, budget, and culture. We customize our legal services to help our clients strategically connect all those dots.
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“We are committed to finding the solution that’s right for each individual client and their particular situation. That means working collaboratively with our clients rather than telling them what to do. It also means working collaboratively rather than combatively with opposing counsel and parties. Above all, it means focusing on each client so that, together, we can achieve the results they want, in the way they want to go about it.” – Gretchen McCord, Principal and Founder

Committed, Collaborative, Client-Focused

You’re an expert in your field and in your market. But even the savviest business person can overlook or misunderstand an important legal issue. And legal issues don’t exist in a vacuum; addressing them also requires considering practical and business issues.

Trying to figure it out yourself, or relying on the advice of your CPA, marketing consultant, or IT expert, can be overwhelming at best. At worst, it can be an expensive and futile journey.

Our team can help you identify and connect all those dots to find the solution that’s best for you and your business.

Gretchen came to me highly recommended, but I never expected that she would be as great as she is!
A pleased client

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