When Jane (not her real name) started her business 3 years ago, she created the perfect names and logos for her company and her products. Her business was an immediate success. Customers loved her. She became widely known. Sales continued to grow.

Then the unthinkable happened.

Jane received a cease-and-desist letter from a law firm for Big Company accusing her of trademark infringement and demanding that she immediately stop using her wildly popular brand.

After hiring a lawyer herself, Jane realized that Big Company was right. She would have to give up her “perfect” brand, losing everything she had invested in it, and even pay Big Company a good-sized chunk of change in damages.

How to avoid making this your story:

Choose strong names and logos (your brands, or “trademarks”) for your company, products, and services that can be defended.
Have a knowledgeable attorney work to ensure your trademarks won’t infringe someone else’s trademarks (relying on your own searching is risky!).
Protect your business by having your attorney file to register your trademarks; filing yourself may put you at risk.

Not sure how to do all that?

Not sure that you even need to?

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