You dream it. We help build it.

Let our team ensure that the business of your dreams is built to:


Support your vision through difficult times.

Allow you to safely and efficiently remodel or expand.

Be sustainable over time.


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“Since 2016, we have trusted Gretchen to protect our business interests. She focuses on our goals and helps us make the best decisions for our business. Gretchen’s approach is both professional and personable, a rare and delightful combination that makes our exchanges informative and enjoyable.” – Susanne Harrington, Founder, Asterisk Group

With the right team, you can build your wildest dreams!

Whether you created a business, are running a business, or are an integral part of a business owner’s team, you’re doing it because you’re passionate about what you do. I am a business owner, too, and I share that passion. For me and my team, that passion is helping business owners and their teams build their dreams!

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how to build a successful business and how to anticipate, prepare for, and resolve the challenges modern business owners face. We understand that every business, and every business owner, is unique and that only you can determine what is best for your business. We help our clients understand both practical and legal issues so that they can make the best decisions for their business.

Let us help you as you turn your business into your dream!

Gretchen came to me highly recommended, but I never expected that she would be as great as she is!
A pleased client

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“Gretchen’s help in starting up our companies and protecting their rights allows me and my partners to focus on running the businesses. We rely on her expertise to help us prioritize our legal work in line with our business goals. I recommend her and her team to any entrepreneur or business owner!

.” – Tiffany Stewart, Founder, SwimSwam Partners, LLC and Sonder Narrative, LLC