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Building a better world, together

Our mission is to create a more compassionate world by being the change we wish to see.

We work with other businesses who feel the same.

Our clients create and lead businesses driven by their passions and values. They  choose to work with us because we focus on their business as a whole and their long-term goals. This gives our clients greater predictability and control, and helps them build stronger, more resilient businesses.

How we help

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that building and maintaining a successful business is a long and ongoing process.

Successful businesses are built strategically, emphasizing effective planning and efficient use of resources in the context of broader, long-term goals.

We emphasize working with our clients as an integrated, strategic partner rather than on an ad-hoc basis as needs arise (as law firms traditionally do).

When we serve as your fractional general counsel on a subscription plan, you have an entire support team by your side, watching out for your business in real time, so that you can focus on what you do best — running your business.

What we do

Business and IP attorneys with over 30 years of experience.​

Business Strategy

Our job is to help you achieve your vision for your business. Together, we will create a legal strategy with a focus on your long-term goals to help you make the best decisions for your business today to get it where you want it to be tomorrow and beyond.

Asset & Brand Protection

Your business’s identity and intellectual property are its most valuable assets. We will help protect and maximize the value of your brands, work product, and creative content.

Sustainable Growth

We blend our legal expertise with your vision to build advantage, resiliency, and profit into your business. Our job is to empower your decisions with a strategic perspective and to plan smart, achievable targets that propel your success.

Transactions & Operations

The structure, transactions, and operations of your business build the foundation on which it will thrive. We will help you form entities, prepare contracts and agreements, mitigate risk, and adhere to legal and regulatory compliance.

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You see your vision.
We see your success.